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The Benefits Of Chartering Flights During Government Shutdowns

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Even though the most recent government shutdown was solved – at least momentarily – on January 25, 2019, we are not out from the woods. President Trump has made it clear that he’s devoted to building his border wall, and has implied that he is willing to shut the government down if Congress doesn’t reach an agreement. 

Among the regions of the government which was the most impacted by the shutdown was air transport. Transportation Security Administration employees were furloughed or were working without pay – and therefore were air traffic controllers. 

These elements have made aviation difficult for flyers – with a notable exception. Charter flyers aren’t currently experiencing ill effects due to the government shutdown, and probably won’t be impacted by any future shutdowns. Let us discuss some of the advantages of chartering flights throughout government shutdowns now.

 1.  Charter airplanes fly from small, regional airports

Unlike traditional, large jetliners, charter planes have a tendency to travel out of smaller, regional airports. This usually implies that there’s a chance of delays along with other difficulties thanks to long security lines, and that any absence of FAA personnel or air traffic controllers is likely to lead to severe issues with transportation. 

  1. The Transportation Security Administration Does Not Screen At Private Facilities. 

If you are flying into and out of a private airport, then you do not need to worry about any long Transportation Security Administration lines, since the Transportation Security Administration doesn’t screen passengers in facilities. While there might be private safety personnel on site, the government closure will not change them because they aren’t employed by the TSA.

That means you may expect a predictable wait around for safety in a facility that is private, without having to worry about Transportation Security Administration absence or other factors affecting the time it can take to be screened – causing you to miss a flight.

  1. Private Jet Charter Is Convenient, Does Not Call for Layovers/Connections. 

Negotiating multiple airports due to layover or connections may be harder during a government shutdown, especially if you’re departing and re going into the airport. When there’s a work stoppage or another matter, your flight might be delayed or even canceled. 

In contrast, private aircraft lease ordinarily doesn’t require any sort of layover or connection, unless the plane has to stop to refuel during a long, cross country trip. This usually implies that your schedule will probably be more predictable, and you’ll prevent any possible problems related to the closure of the government and its impact on the public airports. 

Need To Fly Throughout The Government Shutdown? Consider A Private Jet Charter!

The government shutdown is, as mentioned, currently over – but when things do not go the way of Trump by Feb 15, things can get nasty.

In case the shutdown is prolonged for far too long, FAA air traffic controllers or Transportation Security Administration personnel could stop or go on attack – which may cause major delays and harm to our air infrastructure.

To avoid these issues, however, those with the means can select a Private Charter Plane because the small size and private natures of the most county airports mean Private Flights to Vegas are mostly unaffected, and a good alternative for all those with the budget needed to Charter a plane.

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